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I am self-taught artist from Czech Republic, I love doing alter arts for fun of it...

Prague 2

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Hurley Burley Alters has been a part of community since 2010, by being the first alterist on the circuit. We do not discriminate on the cards that we work on. Having done pieces from MtG, Pokemon, DBZ, and more! Hurley Burley is able to take 99% of commissions that come her way. If she doesn't think that she is the best artist for your project, she will get you in contact with someone more suitable.

Dover, Deleware, USA 16

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An illustrator who likes to cook and eat salty stuff.

Munich, Germany 1

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MTG card alter artist

Paris 5

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I'm a roller skater and a video gamer, and a bookworm too. I play Magic the Gathering and I love to dance. I aspire to travel the world, meet new people, and make new memories. I am an environmental enthusiast and social justice warrior. ​I draw and I paint. I work with both the digital and the traditional. I'm a designer, an illustrator, and, most importantly, an artist. I pride myself in the hard work completed to ensure all finished products are perfection.


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I’m a painter, sculptor, digital artist who has found a means of applying my skills to my love of Magic the Gathering! I started altering in September of 2017 and have loved every minute of it!

Virginia, US 66

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Tommys nerdy art

I'm in to magic for about 20 years now. I loved playing magic all the time. I became an artist about 2 years ago since then i try to expand my painting skills and knowledge every day. I also do oilpaintings to widen my knowledgepool. ;) I'm a big fsn of casual gaming as commander, cube and draft.

Vienna 8

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Keithulhu Cards

I'm an alterist working in 3D and painted alteration styles. I specialize in using both skills at the same time to create especially unique works.

Utah, USA 6

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Student in art and history of art. Magic player and role player gaming.

France 1

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Beginner in card altering. Discovering new methods and styles. Seafarer who likes to spend his free time painting :D Feel free to comment and give some feedback!

Poland 10

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Illustrator, alterador and customizador freelancer, work with varied tcg cards and miniatures of D & D, krosmaster, warhammer and others. Accepting orders and also with letters the prompt delivery, contact for more information.

Brazil 17

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After graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Design, I have been spending my free time creating alters/custom cards and building my business/community.

College Station, TX 3

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I started painting some years ago, when I was playing tabletop games and now, as a Magic player, I switched to 2D paintings and card alterations. If you like my work just send a mail for commissions. Greetings from Aachen !

Aachen 20

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AEK Art Stuffs

Howdy do! I like to paint MTG cards. :D I started altering in 2015 I think, so some of the art on here is a few years old. Prices listed for cards that are on sale are in CAD. You can contact me at AEK Art Stuffs on FB (, I had to attach this account to a alternate email so if you send me a message and I don't see it on here, than it is more likely that I'll see it on FB.

Ontario 88

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Love to alter, play some mtg, play some video games and cook.

WA 17

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Doctor8 Alters

I've been 3D altering since 2014. 3Ding is something of a niche even within the altering community, but anyone who has seen one in the flesh (card?) will tell you they look awesome. I'm a huge supporter of the altering community and happily give tips and advice to anyone looking to get into 3D work. I'm proud to have inspired some of the other top 3D artists out there today! Whilst I love working on Pokemon cards, I play Magic almost exclusively. Commander (EDH) is my pet format, and my 3D commanders definitely stand out at any table.

United Kingdom 22

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Altered Decks

I am a self-taught artist based in Australia and a passionate gamer. Altering is the perfect way to combine two things that I love :) I take commissions - contact me:

Canberra, Australia 8

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I'm a canadian who alters trading cards. See more and message me at for a commission or quote :) I do international orders!

Canada 12

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I'm a self employed video game prop and cosplay maker that does has way to many hobbies. Altering cards is one I'm very passionate about.

Michigan, United States 1

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MTG Card Altering Service from Milan, Italy.

Milan, Italy 14

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I like to do things.

München, Deutschland 3